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By Iyke Phelim

Do you know the discounts you qualify for? Listed below are some of the necessary discounts you should request for from your insurance provider. However, it is important you understand that not all of the listed discounts are offered by every car insurance company.

* Defensive driving programs
* Anti-theft equipment
* Good credit record
* Car air bags
* Car and home insurance multiple policy with the same insurer
* $500 deductible discount
* $1, 000 deductible discount
* More than one automobile
* No accidents in the past three years
* Student driver with good grades
* Long time customer discount
* Driver training programs
* Low annual mileage
* No driving violations in the past three years
* College student far from home
* Stability and traction control systems
* Daytime running lights
* Anti lock brake systems
* Other discounts

It is important you note that the secret to finding lower rates is not in the number of discounts you get, rather, it is in the overall amount you get as premium cost. For example, a company may decide to give you fewer discounts and your premium will still be a lot more cheaper than another company that offered you more discounts.

The best way for you to save starts with finding the right quotes. Know all you need to know about your vehicle and the area where you park your car at night. Meet with leading insurers and there agents and let them teach you the best ways of working with them. Policy structures change regularly so it will be wise for you to know what is the current structure with your chosen insurer. Start now, get free professional help and enjoy multiple discounts with massive savings on your final premium.

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